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Cure for the uncommonly cold

Now is the time for comfort food. I recently got a gift subscription to Bon Appetit and their main articles this month were on cheese and caramel; it’s been incredibly cold; I’ve been busy with work and new projects, like knitting my first hat. When I cook, I just want something good. Good to eat with a quilt across my lap while watching something enriching on my new favorite channel, Create. Produce is a rarity around here, except for Cuties (so cheap and juicy!) so I’ve been getting my fill of starches and dairy. (more…)

Changes for Samantha

America has lost one of its most beloved icons. The American Girl Doll Collection has decided to retire the Samantha Parkington doll. First released in 1986, Samantha won the hearts of millions, including your author.

Samantha was a precocious orphan being raised by her wealthy Grandmary in New Bedford, NY. A recurring theme in Samantha’s book series is progress, with regard to the Industrial Revolution, women’s rights, and children’s rights. I preferred Samantha’s fancy dresses, minature school supplies, and brushing her hair.

Last Halloween, I was lucky enough to be Samantha for a night. Accompanied by my friends Kirsten and Molly, we were the hit of evening.


Though Samantha has been packed up in a box for the past ten years, she will be in my thoughts today. Thank you, Samantha, for being an extraordinary American Girl.