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Hhhhhappy Halloween!

Here I go again, blogging from work. I’ve got a very easy pasta recipe coming to you shortly, but right now I just have to tell you. I am bursting at the seams with love for Minneapolis. A few years ago, I never thought this would happen. I’ve loved cities before, but usually after moving away and trying to start life in a new place, or trying to start over in an old one.

Life is pretty good here. Most of my family lives here, which is comforting and saves a lot of money since I don’t have to fly or drive several hours to visit them. I have friends that I love, a nice and reasonably priced place to live, the ability to see touring bands at small- to medium-sized venues located minutes from my house. The Twin Cities is thriving in many ways: public radio, the local arts and music scene, a variety of neighborhoods that are home to people of all ages and types. (more…)