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Why I blog less often than I should

My home computer is very slow. I sit at a computer all day at work, so the last thing I want to do is go home and sit in front of a slow one. This is supposed to be a food blog, but I honestly can’t remember the last thing I cooked, let alone wanted to share with you, dear reader. Tonight for dinner, I had cereal. 

It feels so good to get this off my chest. (more…)

Honest to blog?

Ok, ok, lame title. I watched some of Juno this weekend, and this post is about blogs, so I had to.

Lately, I’ve been astounded at how many blogs exist. Especially food blogs. I check them like most people check the stock market or sports stats. And so many of these blogs make me think, I should have thought of that! I mean, Ezra Pound Cake?? I stole my blog title from a freakin’ TV show! Other new blogs in my Google reader include The White House Blog (so informative!) and Design*Sponge (so pretty!).

As you know, it’s now officially awards season. The internet is a-buzz about the Oscars, the Newbery and Caldecott Medals (for children’s books), and several other awards that come around at the end of a calendar year. The Well-Fed Network (basically a network of food blogs) announced the winners of the 2008 Food Blog Awards. I’m really happy that Smitten Kitchen won in the writing category. I thoroughly enjoy Deb’s recipes and photos, and she has a natural way of writing like she’s actually talking to me. This is especially useful when it comes to cooking and you need some reassurance or some flat-out encouragement. Another one of my faves, the Kitchn, won for Best Group blog, which is no surprise since Apartment Therapy has a great network of blog contributors. Their postings are concise, cover a wide range of topics, and have introduced a lot of new concepts to me.

There’s still time to vote for the 2009 Bloggies, which honors blogs in a variety of categories. I voted for the blogs I honestly read, and also found a lot of blogs I want to check out. I encourage you to browse through the categories and see what’s out there.

And JAG, er, I mean, all you readers in Chicago should check out The Printed Blog, a controversial new endeavor bringing printed articles from blogs to commuters, kind of like a newspaper. I’m torn, it’s rather wasteful compared to actual blogs, but it gets information to those who might not otherwise come across a blog. It’s probably intended to comfort the few who are used to reading an actual paper. Let me know what you think.

Look at that, I’m informing the masses! Could there be a Bloggie in my future? Not with headings like that. Oh well.

Cheese and Cheesier

Last night, Rox, Jake, and I went to Bryant Lake Bowl for late night drinks and snacks. I was craving a cheese plate, and since Barbette was so packed, BLB was the next best thing. They are both owned by Kim Bartmann, who also owns the Red Stag. All three restaurants serve delicious food with local, organic, and sustainable integrity.