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Wishing you a glorious hump day

To help you through your day, I present to you a drunk Jimmy Stewart.


When I last posted, I was off to an Obama rally happening downtown, in front of Orchestra Hall. Some say there were up to 3.500 people in attendance, but it didn’t feel that big. After this event, as with most politically-oriented events I’ve come across this election year, I walked away with mixed feelings. Sure, I feel confident in my choice to vote for Obama and happy that he is, by far, the chosen candidate among my friends and family. That part of me is very certain that he will be our next president. At the same time, I realize that I live a rather sheltered life; in order to see a McCain sign in someone’s yard, I would have to venture out to the northern suburbs. I read headlines reminding me that the polls are neck and neck between the two candidates and I start to have my doubts. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Keith Ellison pumps up the crowd

Keith Ellison pumps up the crowd