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My Father, the Hero

My dad’s going to be in the next Coen brothers movie! They’re shooting A Serious Man (due out next fall) around the Twin Cities and had an open call for extras. Of course, Roxie and I submitted photos and imagined ourselves becoming friends with the Coens and collaborating with them on a film based on our lives. Roxie’s Serious Man scene shoots later this month (yay!)¬†and I haven’t been called (meh).

Anyway, my dad went down to the extras call at the last minute, got a call back a few weeks later, and was cast as one of Dr. Sussman’s golf buddies. So fitting, since he loves golf and got to dress up in cool vintage clothes, “Sears circa 1962!”

Dad wearing make-up and major side-part

The golf buddies with Dr. Sussman, the troubled orthodontist

Be on the lookout for this movie, and the back of Dad’s head!