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Self-congratulations and an offering of pasta

I know, I know. My last entry was a shamefully long time ago. There was an election, as you know. I went on my first business trip the very next day. Oh, and I was mentioned (not by name, but still…) in Publishers Weekly. I was the intern to happen upon the manuscript of one of Coffee House Press’ most successful books to date. It’s a great feeling as I slowly build a name for myself in my industry. Though it would be better to have my name printed in one of the most widely-read trade mags in the book world, this is genuinely worthy of Xeroxing and sending to my grandparents.


You best be voting.

What an exciting time. As I write this, it’s late in my work day; I’ve had a few productive moments, but most of today has been spent trying to find any sort of actual update about the election. It’s far too early to tell, but maybe by the time you read this, we’ll know what happened. And whether we’re happy or sad.

I voted at 7:15 this morning at the Unitarian Universalist Church a few blocks away. I stood in line with a lot of other young professionals, some couples, a few dogs and babies. I passed the time (nearly an hour) reading The Yiddish Policemen’s Union and eavesdropping on others’ conversations. I felt very relaxed and patient because I knew I was doing something important. And I knew being late to work wasn’t a big deal.

So, if you haven’t voted and are reading this in time, please go vote! I don’t care who for! Be proud to be an American, which is difficult to remember sometimes when considering our reputation in some parts of the universe, or the state of the current economy, or whatever else makes you feel disappointed. Your vote can help change that!

I’m posting this widget with no telling of what color it will be tomorrow. Here’s to hope.

Hhhhhappy Halloween!

Here I go again, blogging from work. I’ve got a very easy pasta recipe coming to you shortly, but right now I just have to tell you. I am bursting at the seams with love for Minneapolis. A few years ago, I never thought this would happen. I’ve loved cities before, but usually after moving away and trying to start life in a new place, or trying to start over in an old one.

Life is pretty good here. Most of my family lives here, which is comforting and saves a lot of money since I don’t have to fly or drive several hours to visit them. I have friends that I love, a nice and reasonably priced place to live, the ability to see touring bands at small- to medium-sized venues located minutes from my house. The Twin Cities is thriving in many ways: public radio, the local arts and music scene, a variety of neighborhoods that are home to people of all ages and types. (more…)

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling

I’ve got a pretty nasty cold right now, but TGIF. Here’s one thing to feel good about when your voice is cracking like a thirteen year old boy.

Thanks, Kate!

Changes for Samantha

America has lost one of its most beloved icons. The American Girl Doll Collection has decided to retire the Samantha Parkington doll. First released in 1986, Samantha won the hearts of millions, including your author.

Samantha was a precocious orphan being raised by her wealthy Grandmary in New Bedford, NY. A recurring theme in Samantha’s book series is progress, with regard to the Industrial Revolution, women’s rights, and children’s rights. I preferred Samantha’s fancy dresses, minature school supplies, and brushing her hair.

Last Halloween, I was lucky enough to be Samantha for a night. Accompanied by my friends Kirsten and Molly, we were the hit of evening.


Though Samantha has been packed up in a box for the past ten years, she will be in my thoughts today. Thank you, Samantha, for being an extraordinary American Girl.