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Hhhhhappy Halloween!

Here I go again, blogging from work. I’ve got a very easy pasta recipe coming to you shortly, but right now I just have to tell you. I am bursting at the seams with love for Minneapolis. A few years ago, I never thought this would happen. I’ve loved cities before, but usually after moving away and trying to start life in a new place, or trying to start over in an old one.

Life is pretty good here. Most of my family lives here, which is comforting and saves a lot of money since I don’t have to fly or drive several hours to visit them. I have friends that I love, a nice and reasonably priced place to live, the ability to see touring bands at small- to medium-sized venues located minutes from my house. The Twin Cities is thriving in many ways: public radio, the local arts and music scene, a variety of neighborhoods that are home to people of all ages and types.

I love movies that are set in or filmed in Minneapolis, books and songs that reference our great city, and am always proud to note all the celebrities who grew up here. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, one of my favorite local food writers, passed on a great Halloween bit of news on her blog the other day. This might not be of interest to anyone outside of the Twin Cities, but it’s another reason why I love it here. “Nick and Eddie will be hosting an after-dinner Halloween Party on the 31st, the centerpiece of which will be a Scott Seekins Look-Alike contest. (Anyone unfamiliar with the iconic Minneapolis artist is encouraged to do a Google image-search this instant.) Who will be judging? Scott Seekins himself, of course. He will anoint winners in both the winter Scott Seekins look-alike category and the summer Scott Seekins look-alike category (again, for the unfamiliar, this will make sense post Google-search), each of whom will receive an original Scott Seekins painting. Yes, on Halloween night, Loring Park will be overrun with dozens— hundreds?—of Scott Seekinses.” (On a personal note, I used to work in the same building in the Warehouse District, on the same floor actually, that Scott lived and worked on. He truly is an icon, right up there with the fellow on the left.)

Two MPLS icons

This Halloween is special for me because it marks my first costume that includes a wig, a blonde one at that. Check back for updates on Halloween hijinks and shenanigans.

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One Response to “Hhhhhappy Halloween!”

  1. November 1st, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Brooke says:

    This post was hard for me to read…i wonder if I’ll ever burst with love for Omaha like I did for Mpls? I don’t think it’s possible.